Data Analysis in Weibo

The power of social media~~ every time we did sth online, we were creating data for someone~~

FAN Miao (ID:1155082197)

Weibo is one of the most popular social media in China.

Weibo has a data analysis system helping the users to quantify the value of their Weibo  account. And users could know the their followers’ detailed information, for example, age and sex, in this data analysis system.

Take my Weibo for instance.


As shown in the above figure, my influence reached a peak in 26/10/2016, which because I spend much more time in Weibo last in 26/10/2016 than other days last week.

wechatimg2As shown in the above figure, most of my followers are young girls. I guess it because I am a young girl and my feeling shared in Weibo could struck a responsive chord in the hearts of my contemporaries. 

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